About Us!

Family owned business been cleaning for 5+ yrs. Branched off from working with a construction company to doing post cleaning to Residential and Commercial. With a total of six employees’ 2 males and 4 females. In the cleaning industry they have this fascade were women are only maids well times have changed and all sexes are dabbling in whatever money they can make to provide for their families and to keep the communities going.

Located in the Houston area out of Texas. My crew can travel anywhere within a 30 mile radius to provide cleaning services or organization/decluttering Office Buildings to your home garage. We use top of the line cleaning materials to help reduce the risk of any types of infections caused by bacteria. Since 2020 we have changed some of the chemicals for clients with respiratory problems to vinegar based cleaning solutions. We prefer to use our own products but if you have a specific cleaning style let us know and we can accomodate to your needs as you inform the crew.

We strive to bring our clients happiness and joy ,and a refreshing feeling and smell. I charge .25 a square foot to clean Residential and .40 a square foot for Commercial Properties. You can call the office at 8327158646 to get quotes or to ask any questions you might have pertaining to cleaning. Cleaning is like medicine new stuff is always emerging as is new bacteria that seeps into homes unnoticed. The more you get a regular clean your home will be free of dust mites and allergens that cause breathing problems for many Americans age 40 – Seniors. So yes a routine cleaning is needed.

No job to big or to small!! If you have a hoarding problem call us we can declutter any mess and make it a livable situation. Never be embarrassed of the things going on inside your home. Unfortunate events arise and we are only human and always need an extra pair of hands to ease the struggle or endeavors in life. That’s why 2 WOMEN AND A BROOM IS HERE TO ALLEVIATE THE STESSORS AND MAKE LIFE MORE PLEASURABLE.

OCD for cleaning and I want to save the world one house at a time! Cleaning is something that should be at the tip of the list like how we look at breakfast! ITS NOT JUST A LUXURY !ITS A NECCESITY!! NOT A WANT BUT A NEED! Germs are the leading cause of death next to other health issues caused by eating. A clean home can make any day better STRESS FREE LIFE! LET 2 WOMEN AND A BROOM BE YOUR FOREVER CLEANERS! “SATISFACTION GAURANTEED!! JUST ASK OUR COMMUNITY CLIENTS!!